Mark brown is a Sydney based sound / installation artist exploring notions relating to site, architecture and sonic atmospheres. Emerging in the early 90s, his work has evolved into a poetic response to site; critiquing history; function; the viewer and unseen and unheard phenomena within space.

His work has been exhibited at First Draft Gallery, the Faculty of Art and Design Gallery, Newcastle University, Artspace Centre for Contemporary Art, Sydney, and RMIT Gallery & Conical Gallery Melbourne Australia. He completed a Master of Visual Arts degree at Sydney College of the Arts in 1997 and continues to expand concepts relating to architecture explored in his Master of Visual Arts research paper entitled "Beyond Shelter".

Also exploring interests in contemporary sound and music technologies he has performed at the digital music conference Waveform held at The School of Contemporary Arts, The University of Western Sydney and at Impermanent Audio a monthly experimental sound art and performance event held at Imperial Slacks Gallery in Sydney.

DETRITICAL: an invented term splicing the words 'Detritus' and 'Critical', is often used to articulate Brown's obsession with the relentless processes of the dematerialisation of matter despite the human struggle to contain time - the eternal eating machine. Brown's phenomenology of space attempts to visualise …'something that Is not there, that is absent, that is invisible.' (Kieth Broadfoot. Artspace exhibition catalogue"'installations" 1997), by evoking or presencing still reverberating sediments buried beneath the Tabular Rasa of progress.
sound installation artist & sound / performer / musician